■ New Book- "An Introduction to Probability and Statistics" - KendallHunt, 2015

■ M. Baykal-Gürsoy's Ph.D. student Javier Rubio-Herrero is the Winner of 2015 Informs NJ Chapter Student Contest

■ M. Baykal-Gürsoy gave an invited talk on Network Protection Games at the 27th European Conference on Operational Research, Glasgow, England, July 12-15, 2015.

■ M. Baykal-Gürsoy gave an invited lecture on Game Theoretic Analysis of Reliable Communication at the 24th Symposium on Games and Decisions in Reliability and Risk, Istanbul, Turkey, June 17-19, 2015.

■ "2015 ECE Capstone Project"

■ M. Baykal-Gürsoy is the Principal Investigator together with the co-Principal Investigator H. V. Poor from Princeton University of a new NSF award totaling $350,000 for the proposal entitled "Collaborative Research: Network Protection under Uncertainty."

■ Rutgers Women Take Flight

■ M. Baykal-Gürsoy gave a series of invited talks on Traffic Flow Modeling and Control at Beihang University, Beijing, China, August 18-26, 2013.


Dr. Melike Baykal-Gürsoy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. She received her BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Bogazici University and her Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches courses in optimization, stochastic processes, queueing theory, inventory control, process modeling and control, and time series analysis.

Dr. Baykal-Gürsoy's research interests are in the areas of stochastic processes, Markov decision processes (MDPs), stochastic games, queuing and their applications to modeling, optimization and control of stochastic systems, for example transportation, telecommunication and supply chains. As the director of the Laboratory for Stochastic Systems, she is creating models that realistically represent complex phenomena such as traffic flow interrupted by incidents, or adversarial relationship between network attackers and protectors. She is developing stochastic optimization algorithms for adjustment of inventories and product price in supply chains; resource allocation in emergency management; dynamic traffic flow management under incidents, and for stochastic games applied to the infrastructure and network security problems. Dr. Baykal-Gürsoy is currently focusing on the analysis and mitigation of traffic congestion; and on Bayesian games for security.

Dr. Baykal-Gürsoy’s research has been supported through grants from NSF, United Nations, DOD, Rutgers Transportation Coordinating Council/Federal Transit Administration, Rutgers University Center for Disaster Preparedness and Emergency Response, and Rutgers Academic Excellence Fund. Her former student, W. Xiao, was a finalist in the 2004 Transportation Science and Logistics Section Dissertation Prize Competition. She is a member of INFORMS.

2008-2009 Rutgers Engineering Governing Council Excellence in Teaching Award in I&SE

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