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Dr. Melike Baykal-G├╝rsoy is an Associate Professor in the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering. She received her BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from Bogazici University and her Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania. She teaches courses in optimization, stochastic processes, queueing theory, inventory control, process modeling and control, and time series analysis. Her research interests are in the areas of stochastic processes, Markov Decision Processes (MDPs), stochastic games, and their applications to stochastic modeling, optimization and control of transportation, telecommunication, and supply-chains. She is a member of INFORMS.


    H. Vincent Poor, Electrical Engineering, Princeton University

    Andrey Garnaev, Winlab, Rutgers

    Richard Anderson, Director of Virtual Worlds, Rutgers

    Mubbasir Kapadia, Computer Science, Rutgers

    Pernille Hemmer, Psychology, Rutgers

    Predrag Spasojevic, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers

Current Students

    Zhifan Xu (Ph.D.) I&SE

    Abdolmajid Yolmeh (Ph.D.) I&SE

    Pedro Cesar Lopes Gerum (Ph.D.) I&SE

    Ayca Altay (Ph.D.) I&SE

    Andrew Benton (Ph.D.) I&SE

Former Students

  • Jennifer Borucki (B.Sc.) CS and Mathematics
  • Steven Galarza, ECE, Aresty Research Assistant
  • Andrew Choliy, Computer Science, Aresty Research Assistant
  • Mudassar Zaidi, Computer Science, Aresty Research Assistant
  • Zhe Duan, Assistant Professor, Xi'an Jiatong University, China
  • Muge Z Avsar, Associate Professor, Middle East Technical University, Turkey